Brevard Women’s Expo, Melbourne

Advertising Design of Brevard Womens Expo in Melbourne, Florida

Brevard Women’s Expo is one day of intoxicating goodies, showstopping services, luxurious products and much more that tailored exclusively to the female demographic.

In term of business, Brevard Women’s Expo provides the ultimate arena for you to showcase your products and services to the world’s most savvy and qualified group of consumers – women.

Today’s economy demands selective use of your marketing budget and research shows that marketing dollars are best spent by bringing products directly to the consumer where they can see, smell, taste, or touch your product.

With women constituting nearly 85% of consumer spending, there is no more effective way to personally reach the busy modern woman than by participating in the Brevard Women’s Expo.

Event Details :

Brevard Women’s Expo
Melbourne Auditorium
625 E Hibiscus Blvd
Melbourne, Florida 32901

Spring Expo :
March 14, 2015

Fall Expo :
September 12, 2015

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