Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth

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Street Painting Festival is Lake Worth’s annual signature weekend event, which claims bragging rights as the country’s largest, that transforms the downtown streets with more than 200 street paintings sponsored by businesses, organizations, families and individuals, covering more area than any other festival of its kind in the U.S.

Traced back to 16th century italy when itinerant artists would use their chalks to transform pavement into a makeshift canvas, street painting has retained its appeal through the centuries. As in ages past, crowds still gather to watch as fine works of art emerge. The “paintings” last only until the next rain, but the lively spirit and accessibility of the exhibition captivates new audiences each year and inspires lasting memories.

The 2-day event of Lake Worth’s Street Painting Festival features hundreds of artists converge to display their diverse talents on the asphalt – using only chalk – in styles that range from Renaissance classicism to Cubism and Pop Art. Street performers, strolling minstrels and Mainstage musical entertainment add to the creative atmosphere.

Join more than 100,000 art lovers who will visit the Festival over Lake Worth’s signature weekend. With more than 600 artists on the pavement, music on the mainstage, restaurants, food and snack concessions on site, you’re sure to get caught up with the excitement.

Event Details :

Street Painting Festival
February 21 – 22, 2015
Lake & Lucerne Avenues
Downtown Lake Worth, Florida

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Jay Schwartz for the Webber Gallery at Street Painting Festival 2015, Florida
Mario Brothers Art at Street Painting Festival 2015, Florida
Nate and Jill Baranowski Art at Street Painting Festival 2015, Florida